Cooking At Home With A Pellet Grill

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Although lately, I tend to stay home more then ever I did visit a very close friend who bought a new piece of cooking equipment.

We talked about it on the phone and he sends me a few pictures and I was curious enough to go to this house and see how it works.

The reason is that I was thinking about getting a pellet grill myself in the near future since I had heard so many good things about them.

My Reasons to buy a pellet grill

I know there are many articles online that can tell you all about the advantages of pellet grills and I am not going to repeat them here.

My reasons are very simple. I like to cook on low and slow, or as some people call it smoking.

I tried it on a regular grill with a 2-zone set up, but although it works it is not the ideal solution.

What Did He Buy?

I was very curious about what brand he bought and why that one in particular. He told me that he choose for a Z-grill and the reason was that he found some good reviews and the one convinced home the most was the one he found here.

The Test Run

It was my lucky day because he had not tried his pellet grill yet. So, it was time for a test run and some seasoning.

It was pretty straightforward to use this grill. All you do is plug the cord in the outlet and set the temperature.

What we noticed is that it came to the set temperature pretty fast and it produced a nice amount of smoke.

That was what I was looking for to use with my low and slow recipes.

What about grilling?

Grilling is a totally different thing than smoking. You need high temperatures for the searing part.

We tried the high setting and although the temperature reaches a nice level I have my doubts about grilling on a pellet grill.

The reason is that you actually need to have a heat source right under the meat you try to grill. With a pellet grill, it is more like using an indoor oven at broil setting.

Just remember that this is my personal opinion and others might have the experience that they can do the grilling part also.

What am I going to do?

I am the type of person that always does a lot of research before making any major decision that involves a nice chunk of money.

Finding the right pellet smoker for my type of cooking is very important since I would like to make a well informed choice. You can spend your money only once after all.

My type of smoking on low and slow is mostly done with two Boston buts or 2 slaps of ribs.

That means that I need to have a good look at the grill surface and how much that can hold.

I also smoke with different types of wood and that means that a convenient way of cleaning out the hopper to change pellets is almost a must.

Since I will not use a pellet grill for grilling I am not to worried about the maximum temperature it can reach. As long as it works well in the 225 to 350 range I am happy.

Now the main thing I have to pick is the right brand and after tinkering with the Z-Grill pellet grill I have that one on my list to have a better look at.

Do you use a pellet grill just for smoking? Feel free to help me out and give me some advise in the comment section or send me an email.


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