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Although I am not one of the people that watch TV a lot every time I do I noticed more commercials about ordering food online on there.

I have written about the Covid before and that in my opinion, it will change the world for a long time and maybe even forever.

I like to cook at home and was always under the impression that if you order food online from one of the complete meal delivery companies it was not of the best quality. Although I also thought it was probably better than from a fast-food restaurant.

So, what happened recently

I have several older family members that are in the so-called risk group age when it comes to Covid. I try to visit them as much as I can to see if they need help with anything, including grocery shopping.

My Uncle told me that he recently was looking at meal delivery services and found a website that was made for seniors that wrote about it and they did Magic Kitchen reviews there and wrote very highly of this service.

What he did was he ordered some meals and was very happy with it. Since he is not too much of a computer and internet person he liked that you can also order over the phone.

You also do not have to subscribe to a long contract but just can order one time if you feel like that. After this initial order and testing it he is thinking about setting up a weekly delivery.

What I am doing now

Since my uncle was so happy with this meal delivery service I started doing some research and found out that there are many others out there that offer high-quality food. I even found organic and vegan delivery services.

That means that I have to change my opinion about these services and cannot compare them with delivery services that come from local fast-food restaurants.

Although I am still not ready to order on a regular basis I am going to try some of the ones that are receiving high-quality ratings.

What I probably will try to do is have a look at as many reviews as I can and then try to find the ingredients used in the meals. One other thing that is very important for me and that is where the food is sourced from.

I am a strong believer that your food should come from as many local sources as possible. if the companies use locally sourced ingredients I will use them before any other one.

I am particularly picky when it comes to my meats. I prefer organically raised meat that has no artificial added things to it. For beef, I always order grass-finished since that is the way beef is supposed to eat.

My Conclusion

I believe that ordering complete meals or meal kits and cook the food at home will be a growing market. The quality that most people ask for nowadays with all the information available makes it very easy to pick the right ones.

Many people starting to realize that food needs to be healthy and of good quality and many food delivery services are understanding this and deliver high-quality meals.

If you have experience and or used one of these services feel free to contact me and let me know which one it was so I can add it maybe to my list

Harold Lawler

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