My Pets and Cooking

I know I have been writing here about cooking mostly and I will keep doing that, but I had the urge to write about something else today.

That something else is my pets.

My pets are a very big part of our family and if we had enough room or a small farm we would have probably even more than we have now.

I just like to keep them out of the kitchen while I am cooking. Here is what I do about that.

We have mostly cats and dogs. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs running around here and luckily our house is big enough for that.

The only problem we have is that they all have to sleep somewhere and this is why we constantly are looking for way to do that.

What helped us in our search for pet beds was this website

That website saved us a lot of time in our search for the perfect pet bed for our 4 pets.

You have to realize that dogs are easier and you can train them to use and sometimes even stay, in their own dog bed.

Cats, however, are a totally different story. I once read a saying that described it in my opinion the best way.

A dog has a boss, but a cat has staff.

If you have or ever had a cat you know probably what I am talking about.

Cat beds

2 cats sleeping

The problem is that you can not tell a cat where to sleep. They either like what type of cat bed you buy and sleep in it or they don’t like it and you have basically spent money but lost it.

Here is my experience. I keep picking the cats up and put them next or into the new cat bed. I found that after a while they get used to is and will have a closer look at it.

It also helps if you pet your cat and after that wipe your hands on the inside of the cat bed. This will bring their smell in there and they accept it faster.

If your cat has a special thing in the old bed like a toy you can also move that to the new one and see if that will help.

Dog beds

2 dogs sleeping

When it comes to dogs there is a small problem and that is finding the best place for their dog bed.

Our 2 dogs have 2 completely different characters. The oldest one like to be close to use when he naps or sleeps and prefers to have his dog bed in the living area.

The youngest one is not interested in us at all when it is time to sleep. He likes to have his dog bed a little further away in the dining area of our home.

Maybe it also has to do with the fact that the oldest one is a girl and the younger one a boy?

My Ideas

I have noticed throughout time that there is no rule you can follow for your pets. You have to find out what and where they like to sleep in.

If you give them that attention I noticed that they are happier pets and will not keep you awake or try to sleep in your bed with you.

Harold Lawler

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