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If you have been here before and have been reading some of my articles you know I have changed my shopping habits and shifted more and more to ordering online and having it shipped to my house.

This eliminates a lot of the human contact that all the health experts tell us to avoid as much as we can.

The other positive thing I experienced is that I have a lot more free time left. So, I can write here more maybe.

Let’s get back to the subject. I love a good piece of meat. Whether I cook it on the grill or in a skillet is depending on the weather.

What I did

My new online ordering forced me to do a lot of research and reading on finding the best places to order meat online since I am very picky with that.

I have found a website where they wrote a great Crowd Cow review and you can read it here and see for yourself.

I know there are ways to make it easier to help you go there but I am not that experienced with placing that on my website.

What I found

What I found on that review is that Crowd Cow is the kind of store that I was looking for to order my meat, and I did.

I mentioned before that I am very picky with my meat and that is why I read a ton of opinions from other people before I made my final decision.

Is there more?

I guess there are a ton more stores where you can order food and meat in particular online and have it delivered to your doorsteps and I will continue to find the ones that I think will pass my standards.

I am under the impression that many new businesses will show up and jump on the band wagon of this new way of doing grocery shopping.

That makes it very important to find the ones that deliver quality and have a certain ethically way of doing business.

There are too many people who just want to make a buck the easy way .

What is my plan?

I am planning on doing more research to separate the good from the bad in this case.

Since I am not working full-time and spend more time at home than ever before I think this will keep me busy and maybe help you out also.

I am also planning on growing this website on a regular basis with all the facts I found in my search for buying food in general online in so-called web stores.

I will have a good look at where and how the meat is processed. and where it is coming from.

An other important thing is of course how it get shipped and how it arrives at your doorsteps.

If you keep coming back to my Half Shell Seafood you can follow my journey on how I find the, in my opinion, best places to order online.


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