What is the best time to buy a new grill?

new grill

You are more likely to find an underused grill at move-in sales, thrift stores, or online sites like Craigslist during the summer when people are most likely to move.

If you’re looking for a grill or want to order meat online after that, walk away with a list of what you’re looking for and aim for mobile sales. Bring your tablet or smartphone to search for the featured model and see how it is rated on Amazon.com or other sites.

Be prepared to negotiate; the listed price is probably not the lowest price you can get, especially if the seller will have no choice but to scrap it if it doesn’t sell.

Don’t buy a charcoal or gas grill from March to June. Yes, that’s when you want to buy one to enjoy all summer long. Everyone else too and stores know it. It is a question of supply and demand. Demand is high in the spring and early summer, when you’re itching to grill hot dogs, burgers, steaks, and kebabs.

With that said, you will probably find the best selection during spring and early summer. If you want to compare prices for different makes and models, this is a good time to do it. You will need to exercise some self-control, taking notes rather than pulling out your credit card.

Tips for Buying Barbecue Deals in Late Summer and Fall

It’s worth researching which grill you want early in the season as long as there’s a good selection of models in stock. Check online reviews. Make sure you know the difference between the different types of grills.

During the summer, make a list of the features you want and will use. If you have a grill that you are replacing, do you need a different size? What do you have that is essential, and what is missing? If you don’t have a grill, see what kinds of food you enjoy on a grill and ask how your friends and family cook it. Then when you are faced with a reduced stock of clearance grills, you can purchase one to suit your needs.

Don’t wait too long to buy, or stores may clean the entire grill section to replace it with holiday items.

You can get the best deals on floor models.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate an even better deal, especially for floor models. It doesn’t hurt to make a lower offer to get rid of it.

Consider the shipping costs for a larger grill if you don’t have a vehicle that can take it home.


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