Why turmeric is good for you

turmeric on a wooden spoon.

Turmeric can really be a secret weapon against diabetes, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, or even cancer, as is often claimed? The ingredient curcumin has been tested in hundreds of scientific studies – and in many of them, there were definitely promising effects.


In experiments in the Petri dish with cancer cells, turmeric has a growth-inhibiting effect and triggers early cell death. In animal experiments, curcumin improves brain performance and prevents experimentally generated Alzheimer’s changes in the brain. In addition, anti-inflammatory, cartilage-protecting, and cholesterol-lowering properties have been proven.

However, these are mostly pure laboratory experiments and animal experiments – or the work has a small number of participants. This means that a meaningful effect cannot be derived for humans.

How To Use Turmeric

For many people it is not easy to use Turmeric and one of the reasons is that it will color your food and possibly your hands also.

There are supplements that can help you when you don’t like to cook with Turmeric, I found a great article that gives advice on the best Turmeric supplements and where to buy them.

turmeric getting dissolved in a glass.

Mix Turmeric and spices

Even in everyday life, anyone can potentiate the effects of turmeric. Expert’s tip: “If you want to benefit from the spice, it is best to use curry. The Indians recognized this very early on. Mixing turmeric with other spices in the curry such as pepper, aniseed or fenugreek increases its absorption in the human body and its usability. “


Mainly due to the ingredient piperine from black pepper, 20 times more curcumin can get into the body to work where it is needed. The general practitioner recommends adding a teaspoon of curry to meals every day – to prevent obesity, fat metabolism disorders, diabetes, and high blood pressure. When eaten in normal (spice) quantities, turmeric is considered a safe food.

Warning about Turmeric

Important: Anyone who suffers from gallstones should refrain from taking curcumin extracts. These can promote bile production – and thus trigger biliary colic. If you want to use curcumin as a remedy, you should seek advice from your doctor about the product, the amount of the dosage, and possible side effects.

Helpful with inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric has been clearly proven in animal experiments. Curcumin presumably binds to enzymes that are involved in inflammatory processes in the body and block them.

Turmeric – My Opinion and Use

I have to be honest and tell you that I use Turmeric in many of my spices. We have our home-made spice mixture that contains many spices and where we left out the slat. One of the ingredients is Turmeric.

I read a story that when you read in the bible about the magi that came and visit baby Jesus and brought him gold that this was actually Turmeric and this makes sense to me.

They were the equivalent of what we now call doctors. That makes it logical that the gold was actually Turmeric since it has so many health benefits.

I use turmeric most of the time in combination with pepper because it was mentioned that your body absorbs more of it with this combination.


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